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Wellington Deep Therapeutics is a massage clinic in Wellington, Florida. We specialize in sports and therapeutic massage, using a wide range of modalities including deep tissue, structural integration, trigger point, lymphatic drainage, active isolated stretching and others to help our clients perform at their best, pain-free and  informed, and to maintain wellness or recover quickly and effectively from injury or surgery.  

Recreational through professional athletes in many sports - equestrian, triathlon, tennis, football, hockey, golf, baseball, olympic snowboarding and soccer to name a few - together with doctors and patients sent to us by them, rely on us for the benefits and relief that massage therapy can provide.




We thrive on helping to free our clients from chronic pain. A mother who carries her baby on the same hip each day, the office worker who suffers from neck and upper back pain, athletes at any level in any sport - all can suffer pain associated with strain, injury and misalignment.

We aim to educate our clients, relieve their pain, and help restore their flexibility, range of motion and postural alignment through deep tissue massage and structural integration.

With therapists coming from equestrian backgrounds of Polo and Dressage, we understand the needs of athletes, riders, trainers, and grooms alike.
— Founder and Principal Therapist, Sinead Ferguson